Healthcare Provider Solution Guide for Voice of the Patient

Healthcare Provider Solution Guide for Voice of the Patient
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Patients today demand the same level of experience from health care providers that they have come to expect from other industries. Knowing what patients need and expect from their experiences (and how they perceive them) is essential for providers to design exceptional online and offline Patient Experience (PX).

There are several ways to measure PX. However, none may provide better insight than feedback from your patients themselves.

With Astute VoC™, obtain strategic insights to help you design and elevate pre-visit, in-visit, and post-visit experiences on your online and offline touchpoints, and meet your patients’ evolving expectations. Astute VoC™ is powered by a platform that is HITRUST CSF® certified for information security and a team of experts that has managed 1000s of feedback collection programs for leading organizations around the world.

Download our solution guide to learn more about how Astute VoC™ can help you elevate the patient experience.

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