Get to the Heart of Contact Center Agent Productivity

Get to the Heart of Contact Center Agent Productivity
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We live in an age of analytics – just about any part of every business is now expected to be broken down into metrics, analysis, and action plans. But what if the analytics you need to examine aren't so cut and dried?

Agent productivity is one set of critical Key Performance Indicators that can impact your contact center, but it's not always as simple as AHT and FCR. Not only do you need to take a look at standard productivity metrics, but you also need to go one step further to determine:

  • Who's setting the performance pace in your contact center
  • Why your team is productive (or not)
  • How team members can boost productivity in ways that work for them

In this eBook, you'll find out how to approach your center analytics from new angles, delve deeper into metrics that provide unexpected insights, and how to put that information into actionable next steps. Just add your contact information below to download your copy today!

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