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With Astute's ePowerCenter™ CRM, your agents can provide a seamless, personalized journey that drives customer loyalty and increases call center performance.  

  • Multi-Channel/Single Interface
    Astute's comprehensive call center software lets agents engage with customers on their preferred channel (phone, email, web chat, social).

  • Guided Agent Conversations
    Using machine-learning technology, ePowerCenter™ adapts to each agent’s skill level to help them solve problems quickly, accurately, and consistently.
  • 360° Customer Profile
    ePowerCenter™ keeps track of all historical customer interactions, regardless of channel, so agents are equipped with the most relevant information to deliver a highly personalized experience.
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The world's smartest brands connect to their customers with Astute Solutions.

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The world's smartest brands connect to their customers with Astute Solutions Contact Center Software.

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Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) technology automates repetitive service tasks, such as looking up shipping information, return policies, product details, or any number of customer requests to provide a consistent service experience.
Artificial Narrow Intelligence
Natural Language Processing
Translating human speech into actionable software commands is called natural language processing (NLP). Your service solutions should deliver accurate interpretations regardless of slang, nuances, or other complexities of human speech.
At Astute Solutions, we're at the forefront of customer service technology. The use of chatbot and virtual agent tools in enterprise B2C companies is quickly becoming an industry standard to delivering exceptional personalized service. Our intelligent chatbot software solutions provide a consistent customer experience while making your service organization more efficient.
Chatbots and Virtual Agents have radically changed how companies and consumers communicate. Almost two-thirds of consumers interact with companies via chat, and they expect immediate responses 24/7.

Chatbots & Virtual Agents
The Rise of Artificial Intelligence on the Internet
Consumers will soon be talking to brands through messaging platforms as casually as they talk to their friends. This infographic will show you the basics of bots and how they can help you build a better customer experience.
This Time It's Personal: Using Bots for Smart Self-Service and Intelligent Escalation
Consumers used to be delighted by self-service, but now they’re just frustrated without it. To wow your customers, learn how to step up your game by giving them a personalized experience.